Core Team

Jared Schelfhout
Operations Coordinator

Hey everyone! I’m Jared Schelfhout, a Sophomore at UWW studying Business and Marketing. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with friends and family, and participating in outdoor activities like swimming, biking, and hiking. I have been a part of Cru since I first started attending UWW and I have enjoyed every second of my time here from the special events like the retreats and post Cru activities to the weekly meetings and worship services. As Operations Coordinator, I have had the opportunity to serve and give back to this community that has already blessed my life with fellowship, instruction, and encouragement. Through my time in Cru, my faith has been strengthened and encouraged by the mentorship of the great leaders around me, and I am very thankful for these blessings. In the future I hope to continue to serve in this position by replicating the example of others; I want to lead by example, inspiring and uplifting others in the way I have been inspired. Additionally, I hope to reach out to anyone in need of help, or simply provide a friendly face for new members!