Core Team

Alex Mentzel
Tech Coordinator

Hey everyone! I’m Alex Mentzel, I recently just graduated from UWW with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in General Business. Some things I enjoy doing include, hanging with friends, working out, hunting and fishing! Having been at UWW for four years, not only have I seen God move in my life, but also on the campus. Having been in a Christian organization prior to joining Cru, my relationship with the Lord has grown substantially and has shown me his love through countless trials. As the Tech Coordinator, my goal is to provide the members of Cru with visual and auditory effects that help connect them to the speaker and our worship team! Through running slides and being behind the scenes, God has shown how important every aspect is, regardless of how big an impact one may have on a ministry. He has also revealed to me His glory through running slides! I hope to spread Good News through my position, but also to reach out to the lost and show them the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, until all of the campus has heard His name. Being an outgoing person, I am extremely friendly and love meeting new people! So if you ever have questions about Cru or Christianity, feel free to reach out to me!